Consulting and Services

VIP is well versed in a broad variety of services and industry solutions each of which is furnished by numerous stages of our "Project Life Cycle"
  • Feasibility Study - Our engineers prepare a technical report which is published describing the project and if a solution is achievable
  • Gathering User Requirements
  • Design/Drafting - Our designers work from concept to functional specifications. Among other things the design details include:

          · Fully detailed panel layout, assemblies and schematics
          · Bill of materials according to these designs the drawings are drafted
  • Production - is carried out by our startup engineers in KTI, Germany
  • Site Installation - Involves installation of cooling and chiller plants.
  • Commissioning/Support and Training - We typically provide the necessary training required for efficient and safe operation.

It is the policy of VIP to have only the best equipment installed available on the international market.

Since the success of your Construction project is directly related to how well your system is integrated, choosing the right system provider is crucial. That is where we can help. We have the staff, the skills and the experience to provide you with the construction tools for success.

Whether you need an ice storage or you need a turnkey cooling system, we invite you to take the next step to construction success and contact VIP. We are ready to discuss your present needs and help you develop long term strategies for the future.

Caution Notice
This notice is to caution any clients, traders, consumers and the persons involved in the trade of concrete cooling systems invented by us, that KTI and its Sales and Service Representative for the Middle East VIP Various Ice Products has no connection to any other company trading and/or advertising with concrete cooling systems.