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MIS 40 - 90

Each ice storage with ice rake and delivery system including the air cooler for storage cooling is completely installed inside of a pre-fabricated housing and is ideal for storing KTI flake ice. The housing consists of a rigid steel frame. The widths and the heights for the different sizes are varying, however the length for all sizes is the same 40 ft = 12.2 m

This is exactly the length of our containerised flake ice plants with ice production capacitites of 20 to 100 tons per day.

Therefore each of our Flack Ice Plants fits exactly on top of each of our improved Mobile Ice Storages with integrated hoist assembly.

It is even possible to install 2 flake ice plants on top of our model MIS.3-75 and MIS 90 next to each other.

Each Mobile Ice Storage can be handled and transported easily on a flat bed trailor and aboard ships. That means the whole system (flake ice plant & ice storage) can be relocated to any other place later if required without any difficulties and necessary modifications.

Standard construction features for second generation:
  • walls, floor and ceiling insulated with 80 mm PUR (polyurethane) foam panels, both sides covered with coated sheet metal
  • floor reinforced with heavy plywoodareas covered with ice protected with galvanized sheet metal
  • air guiding channels in the floor and the side walls
  • door in back side for access to the air cooling unit, the rake drive and the integrated ice rake hoist assembly
  • door in front side for access to the bin door and for control of ice discharge
  • inside lightening of ice storage and both front sections
  • opening in the ceiling for ice inlet adapted to the flake ice plant above
  • newly developed integrated heavy duty ice rake hoist assembly for moving the ice rake upwards (loading) and downwards (ice discharge). This is a big improvement as no moving part is installed outside the container. Thus the time of installation is reduced tremendeously
  • heavy duty ice rake hot dip galvanized, for ice distribution inside the store and to transport the ice to the outlet
  • extended reversible discharge screw conveyor, underneath the ice storage avoiding the clogging of the bin door during closing
  • 2 ice outlets on the reversible ice discharge screw conveyor
  • slide gate (pneumatic) mounted at one of the 2 ice outlets second on request
  • refrigeration unit for ice storage cooling water-cooled
  • switch board and remote control
  • outside painting of the container in white to reflect sun radiation
The ice storage and delivery container has to be installed on 6 columns or 3 strip foundations made of concrete or steel. (MIS 18 - 23: 4 colums or 2 strip foundations).The design of the foundation depends on the type of batching plant.

Steel foundations including stairs, railings and platforms are available from KTI upon request for all 4 sizes.

After connection to the power supply and to the cooling water and installing the flake ice plant of course the ice storage and discharge system is ready to use.

Optional Equipment:
  • slide gate on the second ice outlet of the discharge screw conveyor for bagging of ice or loading trucks etc
  • delivery screw conveyors outside of the storage container, horizontally and inclining, length up to approx.
  • 45 meters (135 feet), feading for example ....
  • day tanks, storing 2 to 5 tons of ice for short periods of time
  • ice weighing hoppers, weighing capacity 150 to 500 kgs of ice, charged direct by the delivery screw conveyor
  • by the day tank, or by a screw conveyor between day tank and ice weighing hopper
The refrigeration unit for storage cooling and the switch board are to be installed at a suitable place.

Caution Notice
This notice is to caution any clients, traders, consumers and the persons involved in the trade of concrete cooling systems invented by us, that KTI and its Sales and Service Representative for the Middle East VIP Various Ice Products has no connection to any other company trading and/or advertising with concrete cooling systems.