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CIS 22 sa - 26 sa

The insulated storage room, leveling screw and the air cooler for the storage cooling are completely installed inside of a 40-ft. container. It is the economic version for storing the original crisp KTI-flake ice (avarage density : 550 kg/m). It can be handled and transported with standard trailers - means it can be taken to any other place later on if required

Each semi-automatic ice storage CIS 22 & 26 - sa consists of the following main components :
  • Pos. 1:
  • 40-ft. standard container (painted white outside) with access door, inspection window, non-skid floor and light fixtures. The walls, floor and ceiling are insulated with 60 mm PUR (polyurethane) foam panels, both sides covered with coated galvanized sheet metal
  • Pos. 2:
  • refrigeration equipment incl. compressor, condensor, air-cooler
  • Pos. 3:
  • control board for refrigeration & ice handling equipment
  • Pos. 4:
  • open-type leveling screw conveyor - painted
  • Pos. 5:
  • Bin-O-Matic level control switch for ice storage
  • Pos. 6:
  • open-trough discharge screw conveyor with 4 openings and protection grid
  • Pos. 7:
  • removable and insulated front wall inside ice storage
  • Pos. 8:
  • opening in the ceiling for ice inlet, size made according to the ice plant

The ice delivery system (optional) consists of the following main components:
  • Pos. 9:
  • metering hopper between discharge and delivery screw conveyor
  • Pos. 10:
  • Bin-O-Matic level control switch for metering hopper
  • Pos. 11:
  • closed delivery screw conveyor - painted
Description of semi-automatic operation (automatic loading - manually supported discharge)

The loading of the ice is done by a flake ice plant automatically. The open leveling screw conveyor (Pos.4) installed inside the container underneath the roof transports the ice from the back (where the ice generator is installed above) to the front wall with removable lids. Their level switch (Pos.5) is installed and stops the ice production once the ice storage is full. Underneath the insulated container an open-trough screw conveyor (Pos.6) is installed. The discharge of the ice into this conveyor has to be supported manually by an operator with a shovel. From the discharge conveyor the ice is transported into a closed delivery screw conveyor (Pos.11). This delivery screw conveyor is started by the control station of the batching plant and transports the ice to the ice weigher of the batching. Between the discharge conveyor (Pos.6) and the delivery screw conveyor (Pos.11) a metering hopper (Pos.9) with a level control swicth (Pos.10) is installed. This level control switch starts and stops the discharge screw conveyor thus keeping the metering hopper and the delivery screw conveyor always full. The Bin-O-Matic level control switch also informs the operator inside the ice storage by a flash light or a horn that no ice is coming to the delivery conveyor asking for manual support of the ice discharge intothe open trough conveyor.

This is a very economic alternative to our special fully-automatic ice rake and delivery systems CIS 18 & 23 and MIS 40 to MIS 75.

Optional equipment:
  • all screw conveyors for levelling, discharge and delivery of the flake ice can be supplied hot-dipped galvanized
  • second ice outlet of the discharge screw conveyor for bagging of ice or loading trucks etc.
  • ice blowing system for long distances and multi icing stations
  • ice weighing hoppers, weighing capacity 150 to 1200 kgs of ice
  • day tanks, storing 1 to 5 tons of ice for short periods of time
  • steel structure for supporting the ice storage

Caution Notice
This notice is to caution any clients, traders, consumers and the persons involved in the trade of concrete cooling systems invented by us, that KTI and its Sales and Service Representative for the Middle East VIP Various Ice Products has no connection to any other company trading and/or advertising with concrete cooling systems.